As Trustless Trust

On 3/22/23 the bar unlocked. xOpenX tokens can now be unwrapped.
The six-month lock expired and the contracts are working as intended.
This article remains for documentaion purposes.
xOpenX is designed to act as a liquid, trustless trust during the first six months of the project.
OpenX must be wrapped to mint xOpenX at an ever-increasing ratio due to transaction fees and block-by-block emissions sent to xOpenX tokens by the OpenXMaker and MasterChef.
The difference between the cost (in OpenX) to mint xOpenX and the cost to purchase xOpenX is known as the spread. Once minted, xOpenX cannot be unwrapped for the underlying OpenX for six months! All xOpenX tokens, regardless of mint date, can be unwrapped after our first six months.
Minting and unwrapping xOpenX will always be permissionless and trustless. Once the initial six months has elapsed, there is no penalty or lock associated with simply minting xOpenX.
Last modified 4mo ago