NFT Management

NFT Management User-Interface and Functionality

From the "Manage" interface the following information and interactions are available:

Select NFT ID: Selects an NFT. Please note that users can deposit tokens into any NFT, even if they do not own it. All remaining functions are available only to the owner of the particular NFT. Please do not deposit tokens into an NFT without ensuring the correct NFT has been selected.

Upgrade: Boosts user's vexOpenX value (voting weight) by 4%

Burn: Burns the NFT, breaks the LP tokens, and transfers all underlying tokens to user's wallet.

Paired: Shows the underlying OpenX and OP tokens constituting the staked LP tokens. (Depositing OpenX or OP in this section creates a swap: it sells half of the deposit to create staked LP tokens.)

Vote Tokens: Shows escrowed or deposited tokens separate from the staked LP tokens. (Depositing xOpenX or other vote tokens creates an escrow, locking the NFT for the duration. Users can also deposit OP tokens into their OpenXReserve NFTs and delegate them from the NFT's Manage interface; only note these tokens are again only retrievable by burning an unlocked NFT.

Pending Rewards: OpenX emissions due to the underlying LP tokens. (The Collect function claims the OpenX tokens and transfers them to the user's wallet; the Compound function claims OpenX and sells half for OP tokens to create more staked LP tokens; the Convert function claims OpenX, wraps it into xOpenX via the SushiBar contract, and escrows it into the user's NFT.)

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