Upgrades, Governance

Upgrades for Liquidity Provision, Vote-Escrowed Governance

Upgrades boosting governance weight for the OpenX Project are based on an OpenX Reserve NFT's lifetime accumulation of OpenX. Each upgrade boosts the NFT's vote weight by .04%. There are twenty-five possible upgrades for the OpenX-OP Collection, each represented by a different material. The commodities represented become more precious as the levels pass, symbolizing the rarer and rarer levels of decentralized coalition building required for a DEX's longevity.

Block-by-block emissions rewarded to underlying staked OpenX-OP LP tokens will be claimable in real time. Additional OpenX and OP tokens can be deposited into the NFT. These will be converted into LP tokens and staked, hastening the accumulation of emissions needed for an upgrade.

Upgrades cannot be purchased. OpenX is a currency distributed for actions beneficial to the protocol. Similarly, upgrades are issued for cooperative action, not sold to the highest bidder.

xOpenX will be used as the "ve" token. Governance weight is (in part) determined by the locked xOpenX amount and lock duration. Vote-escrowing xOpenX locks all deposited tokens for the lock duration. Locked NFTs cannot be burned until all underlying vote-escrowed tokens are fully vested.

Vote-escrowing xOpenX generates a vexOpenX Value, the voting weight of an individual NFT.

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