opxVELO (Optimism)

Tokenized Weight of the OpenX Project's veVELO Position

opxVELO token address: 0xc38464250F51123078BBd7eA574E185F6623d037

opxVELO reserve address: 0xa7ef8b87451694162374b7467d3d7e1981563513


1 VELO will always be convertible for 1 opxVELO, regardless of either's spot market price.

opxVELO is never exchangeable for VELO except via exchange on the spot market.

This process is irreversible. Minting opxVELO is trustless and permissionless.

Mint opxVELO here: https://app.openxswap.exchange/opxveProject


opxveVELO -> opxVELO migration guide.

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