NFT Market (Multichain)

Any-Erc20-for-Any-erc721 Permissionless Market

Most NFT contracts allow for listings in ETH only, which can be volatile. Our contracts allow any NFT to be listed for any token (including ETH and stables) while charging just 1% per transaction.

This is particularly noteworthy for veNFTs and fNFTs.

Browsing and Listing Collections

From the landing page, users can browse various collections on their selected chain. To list or purchase an NFT (or fNFT, or veNFT), select the appropriate collection and follow these steps.

Creators can follow this guide to list their Collection using our Collection Interaction Tool.

When browsing NFTs with intrinsic ERC20 value, such as veVELO (the value being the amount of vote-escrowed VELO x the spot price of VELO) or NFTs containing LP tokens (fNFTs), the price of the underlying tokens in the NFT will be displayed along with their list price. The Price : Locked column represents the difference in the value of the underlying tokens and the list price.

Clicking the icon that looks like a graph will display the sale history of the selected collection. The sale history, if any, of each individual NFT is available by clicking on individual listed NFTs.

Once one has selected an NFT to view, the NFT in question can be either purchased or bid upon.


NFT Market contracts are deployed and verified but currently unaudited. Audits for more than half of our contracts are complete. The rest will be finished once the project can afford them.

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