OpenXSwap Aggregator

The router for OpenXSwap on Optimism aggregates liquidity from OpenXSwap, Velodrome, and Zip Swap, allowing users to utilize liquidity on each exchange with just one transaction. We intend to add more exchanges to the aggregator as other projects deploy on Optimism.

Our aggregator is our "most deployed" contract. It is available on the following chains:

Optimism: 0x777E713B6f87765C314BFA682cDc04C02Cb64777 Polygon: 0x7e710c4cd8be478a2c52ed93b90b968a87777777 Harmony: 0x7e710c4cd8be478a2c52ed93b90b968a87777777 Ethereum: 0x7e710c4cd8be478a2c52ed93b90b968a87777777 Avalanche: 0x7e710c4cd8be478a2c52ed93b90b968a87777777 Fantom: 0x7e710c4cd8be478a2c52ed93b90b968a87777777 BSC: 0xb4f4B60DC1FA2bFb9fF9fc054ca2e40bB1aa889c Optimism Goerli: 0x777E713B6f87765C314BFA682cDc04C02Cb64777

--- Old OP contracts: 0x4f9bca4ece0aad33c2183075996bac0a7a777420

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