NFT Collections (Optimism)

Infrastructure for blockchain-native governing bodies

OpenX Reserve NFT Collections feature underlying LP tokens, vote-escrow functionality, and customizable upgrade schedules to make liquidity provision and on-chain governance accessible.

Projects launching on Optimism that wish to host their governance on OpenXSwap can apply for their own NFT Collection, vote-escrow contract, emissions gauge, and governance forum.

Vote-tokens for all projects choosing to host their governance on OpenXSwap can be escrowed into a single OpenX Reserve NFT, meaning users who mint just one NFT, no matter which Collection it belongs to, can participate in governance for any project using our infrastructure.

The design of the OpenX-OP Collection is but one of countless arrangements made possible by Reserve NFT contracts, but serves demonstrate the possibilities of upgradability, vote-escrow functionality, and LP management. Contact us on Discord if your NFT community is interested in utilizing the OpenX Reserve NFT contracts to deploy governance or incentives on OpenXSwap.

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