Listing an NFT

These contracts create an any-ERC20-for-any-ERC721 exchange.

We will use veVELO for VELO as an example. Allowing users to list veNFTs and fNFTs for any ERC20 allows users to create zero-slippage listings for otherwise volatile positions by listing the position for the same ERC20 or LP tokens etc. that are contained within the NFT itself.

Upon clicking "List NFT," users will be met with the following prompt for the NFT's token id:

The user will then be asked to select the token (ERC20) that will be used in the transaction:

In this example, we will list a veNFT and accept VELO as the payment token:

If you wish to make the listing private, select "Private Listing" and add the addresses you wish to whitelist for the transaction. No other addresses will be able to purchase the private listing.

Once the user has stipulated their offer, two transactions are needed to finalize the listing.

To view your listing, return to the Collection or click the "My Listings" tab. To cancel your listing, select the listing in question, click the following icon, and execute the removal transaction.


NOTE: Listing an NFT creates an open offer valid for one month by default. The timeline of a listing can be changed before submitting the transaction, but this is not currently offered via UI.

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