OpenX Token Address : 0xc3864f98f2a61A7cAeb95b039D031b4E2f55e0e9

There was no presale or ICO for OpenX. All tokens in circulation were fairly distributed to liquidity providers and governance participants.


OpenX has a hard cap of 16,624,999.99.

Emissions for LPs are scheduled to run until 2027.

No more OpenX than this can ever be minted.

Expansionary emissions multipliers will last for three months after emissions begin.

The schedule is as follows:


Breakdown of OpenX (Optimism) distribution:

40% of tokens minted will be used as rewards for Active Yield Generating Pools on OpenXSwap. 36% of tokens will be used in initial LP with OP. 12% of tokens will be minted for the treasury wallet for operations, maintenance and marketing. 6% of tokens will be set aside for reimbursement of Harmony's OpenX. 6% of tokens will be minted to fund development, vested over two years.


Further reading: Emissions (Topic).

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