The Catch

Congratulations, you are today's catch.
There is no catch the way you were thinking, just us here. Thank you for reading the docs. Others will not read the docs but will ask questions the docs can answer. As the protocol develops, some users will familiarize themselves with it more than others. We will reward users who help us make blockchain more accessible. Regarding the asterisk on the Perpetual Bond article, our tokens can have way more than three value propositions lol we probably won't figure out everything xOpenX already does until Q1 2023. Someone on the team pointed out recently that minting xOpenX, at the unlock, will immediately evolve into a dynamic bond issuance system as tokens are unwrapped. As anon began explaining bonds to anon and anon, anon stopped anon and said: "Like gOHM?"
Since emissions go to the xOpenX tokens, and unwrapping xOpenX removes the token(s) from circulation, emissions immediately adjust to reward remaining xOpenX holders in proportion to their new adjusted stake weight. As more users unwrap, the APR gets higher, incentivizing users to wrap. This is similar to the dynamic APR mechanics of OHM staking, and our separate layers of liquidity for OpenX and xOpenX are similar to the unique value propositions the Olympus DAO team establishes for gOHM across multiple blockchains using concentrated liquidity and incentives.
Some of us knew bonds when joining the OpenX project. Some us knew OHM. Often users encounter a financial concept for the first time while interacting with a new protocol.
Last modified 10mo ago