xOpenX (Speculation)

The unique market functions of xOpenX
Our inflationary token is hardcapped and the entirety of our program is meant to make it disappear from circulation. It also happens to be the one token that can be used to mint xOpenX.
The resulting dynamic is entirely speculative until the value proposition created for xOpenX is established and begins to compound. If you believe in the project and see xOpenX is trading below its mint price, now is the time to accumulate it. (This incentivizes a fair launch and governance.)
Provided the value of xOpenX is apparent and the exclusive value propositions come into play, the "routing" of the exchange becomes clear: to accrue value to xOpenX, lock it, separate it from the price action of its underlying asset (5) by a liquidity bridge that can only present two real time options (sell at a loss if xOpenX market price is < mint price or mint xOpenX if its market price is > mint price). The goal is to create (in our case) a store of value proposition by placing LPs in an auto compounding vault to create an optimal, continuous loop between propositions (3) and (11).