Rewarding users for correcting market inefficiencies.
The consequence if open market demand for xOpenX pushes the spread positive: It is *profitable* to purchase OpenX tokens from the open market, lock them, sell the resulting xOpenX on the open market, keeping the change - no matter how high the mint ratio becomes in six months.
What follows from this?
An arbitrageur might simply use the Liquid Bridge of Value to transfer value from the xOpenX layer to the OpenX layer repeatedly until the mint price and the market price of xOpenX reach parity.
(A mad lad arbitrageur might exclusively trade xOpenX tokens for OpenX tokens when spread is positive and lock the OpenX resulting from the trade, creating less OpenX on the market for the next time our auto-compounding store-of-value liquidity layer pushes the spread positive.)
This creates a store of value situation until the unlock begins.
After the unlock it creates and wide open door between two established layers of liquidity.