aOpenX contract address: 0x176B0FF6Ff89ff3C22bA0997d30465829a070967
aOpenX is complimentary project to opxveSLIZ and future opxve projects. It is Arbitrum native but, unlike OpenX Optimism, we are not against bridging aOpenX in principle. The opxveVELO project provided valuable experience for future opxve projects. We have refined the mechanics to ensure all future opxve projects focus on a hard-peg up front. We will then accumulate surplus voting positions and allocate some of their emissions to aOpenX pairings. Projects that strengthen our voting position in various ve(3,3) DEXs, such as our Convex LP-style vaults on Arbitrum, will be deployed to hasten the accumulation of large ve-positions in partner projects.
aOpenX is a fork in spirit, but not in code, of Convex. Its possibilities will grow in time in conjunction with our various opxve projects. As we integrate with more protocols, each with their own unique mechanics, aOpenX will find its value proposition within each ecosystem as use cases arise.