aOpenX is a hardcap token with a max supply of 4M.
-1M aOpenX will be made available for the initial mint event. -1M will be reserved for vote-and-pair "emissions." -500k reserved for development and maintenance costs.* -500k issued to the Open X Project team. * -420k for hOpenX redemptions -250k for the initial LP -230k for future incentives *These tokens vest block-by-block over the course of a two year schedule.

Initial LP

The initial LP will consist of 250k aOpenX and 250k opxveSLIZ, seeded by the project. We will incentivize this pool until the project's votes, accumulated from this pool, make it self-sustainable.
Initial incentives will come from the team.
A percentage of SLIZ taken from the opxveSLIZ project will be locked to help bootstrap the aOpenX position, in accordance with our standard colalteralization model.

Initial Mint Event

(Apart from the initial LP) the first 1M aOpenX that come into circulation will be minted at the OpenX Bar on Arbitrum using opxveSLIZ. 1M aOpenX can be minted 1:1 for opxveSLIZ.
This is a reverse-bond; the 1M opxveSLIZ the project takes in exchange for aOpenX will be used to create Protocol Owned Liquidity, fund lending markets, and reverse-peg opxveSLIZ relative to SLIZ.
Given these mechanics, we expect the value of aOpenX to track the value of opxveSLIZ 1:1 until the initial mint event allocation of 1M aOpenX is exhausted. We then expect a premium to develop.
Since one needs opxveSLIZ to mint aOpenX, and one needs SLIZ to mint opxveSLIZ, we expect demand for 1M aOpenX to naturally create demand for 1M SLIZ as it begins its circulation.

Vote-and-Pair "Emissions," LP boost-as-a-service

We will collect the bribes from our opxve positions weekly and, once the initial mint and migration events are concluded, pair them with a portion of the 1M aOpenX we have on standby for this purpose until the 1M allocation is exhausted - no matter how long this takes. This way, 25% of the entire supply of aOpenX will only ever enter circulation paired with meaningful liquidity.
These mechanics create an internal-flywheel, rewarding projects (with our votes) that incentivize their pools with hard assets while capturing that value and pooling it on Solid Lizard, creating ever deeper liquidity for the exchange that consequently generates more volume and fees.
Since aOpenX will always retain exposure to opxveSLIZ via the aOpenX-opxveSLIZ genesis pool, aOpenX will always retain exposure (albeit synthetically) to SLIZ. Conversely, the liquidity profile for aOpenX will provide a synthetic link to new assets for SLIZ (via the aOpenX-opxveSLIZ pool).
We will support Convex-style socialized LP-Boosting mechanisms once our veSLIZ position is large enough to do so. We will have more to say about this once offering such a service is feasible.

hOpenX Redemptions

Upon completion of the initial 1M mint, hOpenX tokens will be made redeemable for aOpenX on a first-come, first-serve, take-it-or-leave it exchange rate of 25:1. (This does not change the allotment of OpenX tokens on Optimism for hOpenX. This is an additional opportunity for hOpenX holders to take part in the OpenX Project, particularly those who prefer Arbitrum over Optimism.)
In total, just over 10M hOpenX (of 26M) can be bridged to Arbitrum. The bridge is one-way. Users who bridge hOpenX tokens to Arbitrum burn them forever, forgoing the future option to bridge them to Optimism or use them in a future development on Harmony (if one were to arise).

Development and Team allocation

500k aOpenX will release block by block on a two year schedule for development. This covers the cost of operations, mainteance, and research / development. The 500k aOpenX team allocation is also on a two year vesting schedule. There is no venture capital involved in this project.

Future Incentives

Possibilities include airdrops, use as bribes, funding lending markets, etc.