Tokenized Weight of the OpenX Project's veSLIZ Position
opxveSLIZ contract address: 0xD29F8a9e76Ef42ba9f749583ed07cAe7bFaEc389 opxveSLIZ reserves: 0x149AE53a77C4fAeeE3040B5Cf16d586e8f1BAD2c
opxveSLIZ is an algorithmic synthetic currency pegged to price of SLIZ. It features the same developers, security features, and pegging logic as opxveVELO. The collateralization model has been revised to provide more directional exposure to the underlying early. More importantly, the revenue model excludes any projected revenue that is not secured via smart contract.
LP boosting available on SolidLizard offers the project strategies unavailable to opxveVELO.
We will have much more to say about the latter topic in the following weeks.