NFT Market

List any NFT for any token using low fee, permissionless contracts
Link to the NFT Market
Most NFT contracts allow for listings in ETH only, which can be volatile. Our contracts allow any NFT to be listed for any token (including ETH and stables) while charging just 1% per transaction.
This allows veNFTs for projects such as Velodrome (veVELO) and SolidLizard (veSLIZ) to be sold for their underlying tokens (VELO and SLIZ), avoiding the possibility of slippage.
The NFT Market contracts are available on Optimism and Arbitrum.
These contracts create an any-ERC20-for-any-ERC721 exchange. When listing an NFT, one will visit our site and see the following prompt. (We will use veVELO for VELO as an example.):
NFT ADDRESS: In this prompt, list the contract address for the NFT one wishes to list. In our example we are listing veVELO, so we would copy the veVELO address and paste it in the 'NFT Address' (veVELO contract address: 0x9c7305eb78a432ced5C4D14Cac27E8Ed569A2e26).
One would then copy and paste the NFT ID in the 'NFT ID' prompt. veVELO IDs can be found by visiting the Velodrome application vesting page ( and searching the list for the particular lock the user wishes to list via the NFT Market contracts.
One then simply selects the ERC20 one wishes to receive for the veNFT. In this case, we are selling a 100 veVELO veNFT, locked for four years, for a 50% discount (we will take 50 VELO for it).
NOTE: veVELO veNFTs must be reset before they can be listed. See the Velodrome documentation for a step-by-step guide to resetting your veNFT so it can be listed on a secondary marketplace.
Once this data is inputted, the listing will be displayed before prompting confirmation transactions.
Once that is done, your listing will now show on the market page for anyone to find and bid!
Note the "REMOVE" action available only for NFTs listed by the User.
Clicking "INFO" on a veNFT from Velodrome will also show the vesting schedule for the veVELO.
NOTE: Listing an NFT creates an open offer valid for one month by default. The timeline of a listing can be changed before submitting the transaction, but this is not currently offered via UI.
NFT Market contracts are deployed and verified but currently unaudited. Audits for more than half of our contracts are complete. The rest will be finished once the project can afford them.