opxve project

Synthetics designed to make vote-escrowed value liquid
Please do not mint a synthetic without reading the entry for the particular Perpetual Bond. Please note that, while our synthetics play a unique role in the ecosystems of other projects, the Open X Project merely mints synthetics to fulfil these functions. Please research each project accordingly.
opxveVELO is the only synthetic currently offered by the Open X Project on Optimism. Other synthetics are not out of the question, but we don't expect much ve(3,3) competiton for VELO.
To avoid confusion, it is helpful to remember opxveVELO is just one part of the Open X Project Optimism, which is more focused on creating a unique decentralized exchange and governance experience for projects and users. The Open X Project Arbitrum, home of aOpenX, should be considered a separate project. Please see the section on aOpenX for further information.
opxveVELO opxveSLIZ opxveFLOW