Wrapper for bridging OpenX Optimism to Ethereum and BASE
wOpenX is wrapped OpenX Optimism. Wrapping OpenX allows users to bridge OpenX from Optimism to Ethereum (using the official Optimism bridge) and bridge wOpenX from Ethereum to BASE (using the official BASE bridge). We chose to use official bridges due to their seven day challenge period (i.e., their increased security). This is a temporary trade-off for security purposes; as Optimism grows into the Superchain, we expect bridging to be considerably more flexible.

Wrapping OpenX Optimism into wOpenX

Note: Bridging OpenX to BASE first requires OpenX be wrapped and bridged to Ethereum.
To wrap OpenX, click the "Wrappers" tab on OpenXSwap and select "OpenX" from the drop-down.
Enter the amount of OpenX one wishes to wrap, approve spending, and confirm the transaction.
Once wrapped into wOpenX, visit .
Select "Withdraw," then click the token list and input the wOpenX token address. The wOpenX token address on Optimism is 0x96bBD55479e9923512dcc95Eb7Df5edDe6FB9874.
Note: HAVE ENOUGH ETH on Ethereum to confirm the next set of transactions before proceeding. (Recommended amount is ~.025 ETH, but it is unlikely to cost this much.)
Confirm bridging on optimism, then wait some time and accept bridging on eth network (OP bridge should do the chain change automatically) but you need eth on mainnet to accept the bridging.
There is a 7-Day challenge period. Once it is complete, submit the claim transaction on mainnet. Once wOpenX is on mainnet, it can be instantly transferred to either Optimism or BASE; only withdrawing wOpenX from Optimism or BASE requires one wait out the 7-Day period.
We are awaiting our PR be accepted on BASE. We will update this page shortly once that is done.