The SushiBar is an essential offering. The OpenXBar forks it for an experiment in the exchange of tokenized value. Elements of time, inflation, and liquidity create a half-dozen new use cases. OpenX tokens can be used to mint xOpenX tokens at an ever-increasing rate. xOpenX can also be purchased on the market, creating a perpetual antagonism between the market and mint price.
Snapshot of the OpenX Bar
APR: Rate of current emissions (denominated in OpenX) due to outstanding xOpenX tokens.
TVL: Market value of the underlying OpenX tokens deposited in the bar.
PVL: Personal market value of the connected wallet's OpenX tokens.
Stake Weight: Weight of xOpenX tokens in connected wallet relative to all xOpenX tokens.
Total OpenX Staked: Amount of all OpenX currently wrapped into xOpenX.
Total xOpenX Supply: Current total xOpenX minted and circulating.
1 xOpenX =: Current mint ratio, or the amount of OpenX one receives per 1 unwrapped xOpenX.
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