Bond Conditions

Conditions of Perpetual Return for this Perpetual Bond

The Target APR for opxveVELO is dynamic. Our goal is to use bribes and votes to provide APRs greater than the max voter APR each epoch for at least one liquidity pool containing opxveVELO and / or via single-stake of opxveVELO on OpenXSwap. The single-stake APR will be static, however the max voter return APR is an epoch-by epoch calculation and, due to the dynamic nature of returns for liquidity provision, will evaluated on an epoch-long, median APR basis.
This return is a target APR and by no means guaranteed. The project has managed to meet this return in all but one epoch since opxveVELO launched (after which strategies were adjusted).
Analytics used to determine previous epoch Max Voter APR can be found here.